I grew up in Dallas, TX. Spent the first 36 years of my life there among family happily passing my time fishing, playing soccer and volleyball and competing in the occasional triathlon. I had a couple of great jobs first as a Personal Trainer and then as a mortgage loan servicer both which lead to some great friendships that continue to this day. All this was just a little too perfect so life decided to throw me some curve balls. I decided I needed a “reset” and a new lease on life so I picked up and moved to Austin, TX. This turned out to be a small, but life-changing decision that helped me evolve and expand my mind. I soon met Pam, became self-employed and cooked up a crazy scheme to travel around the country in an RV.

For me this trip is about more than adventure and sightseeing. I view this Roambodies journey as a monumental opportunity to experience new people, places, and ideas. I'm looking forward to sharing all these experiences and my personal growth with everyone reading this.


I’m a farm girl from Minnesota and I never felt like I wanted to follow the expected pathways for a "proper lady". I always wanted to be doing what the boys were doing and with that attitude I got my degree in Engineering Physics at North Dakota State University and then onto Purdue University for my Masters in Management. I spent several years working for large corporations, in fact some of the largest. Corporate life gave me a lot of great experiences including working as a design engineer for two years in Juarez, Mexico for General Motors and making friends with people all over the world. However, after 15 years corporate life wasn’t giving me the challenges that I desired. About this time is when I met Mike. We immediately formed a great partnership and gave each other the strength to try something we’ve both been interested in – home renovation – and we have been renovating homes in Austin ever since. Michael and I both enjoy home design and remodeling hence our home and RV remodels.


The kid. Hugo is sure to provide some of the biggest challenges on our journey as well as much of the entertainment. Hugo is our Pitbull mix that we adopted August of 2012 when he was about a year old. Since being adopted Hugo quickly won us over with his energy and goofy personality. He's sure to keep us active as he'll need plenty of exercise daily to ensure he doesn't shred the RV. Hugo is also sure to burn some downtime as his obedience training is an ongoing endeavor. Hugo is an awesome dog. He's not perfect, but that makes him perfect to us. He loves other dogs, swimming, and most of all his tennis ball. OMG, when he sees his tennis ball his eyes glaze over and he'll run through a brick wall to get it.