roambody  /rōmˌbädē/ noun  one who escapes conventional life and seeks out adventure

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Hot Chicken Throwdown!

So, one of the “things” in Nashville is hot chicken. What? What is hot chicken??? Is it like buffalo wings you might ask? Nope, it’s different. Nashville hot chicken is made with a “dry” sauce, not a liquid sauce. It contains spices and cayenne pepper, so it’s spicy, but it’s not all about the heat. […]

Nashvegas Baby!

Nashville, TN or as one or our RV mechanics in Alabama called it, “Nashvegas” baby! Well, I wouldn’t call this Sin City, but we still had a good time in the home of country music. It was a short trip, but we did get to experience a few Nashville highlights. As you may know from […]

Chasing Waterfalls

After a long week in Red Bay, Alabama, Pam, Hugo, and I were ready for some fun again. While researching to find out where our next stops would be we found out that northeast Alabama is chock full of waterfalls. Who knew?!!! Well, I’m sure some people knew, but we didn’t. So, we set out […]

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